The Shocking Truth About Magnetic Power Generators

Thousands of individuals are looking for alternate electric power sources. Solar power and wind turbine energy generating are well known as environmentally acceptable alternatives to fossil fuel-generated electricity. Magnetic power generating is a third option for electric generation.

Proponents of this concept argue that after the first equipment is acquired, the owner will get free energy for the rest of his or her life. The fundamental principle of magnetic power generation is that once the generator is turned on, it will produce energy eternally. If this information is correct, this equipment has the potential to revolutionise electrical manufacturing. Let’s delve a little more into this topic and learn the stunning reality about magnetic power generating.

For millennia, mankind has been enthralled by the pursuit of free energy. Leonardo Da Vinci created a variety of designs of machines he believed might generate free energy. The founder of free energy, Nikola Tesla, has been dubbed the “Father of Free Energy.” Bruce De Palma and John Christie have lately invented what they refer to as the “future of free energy.”

In 1977, Bruce De Palma built his N-Machine, which he claimed produced energy by rotating magnets. Overunity was allegedly created by the N-Machine, which produced up to four times more output energy than input energy. Any device or system that produces more energy than it consumes is known as overunity or perpetual motion.

Australian inventor John Christie of Lutech Australia Pty Ltd claims to have built a 440 percent overunity magnetic power generator. Sadly, neither of these magnetic power producers has been independently proved to produce overunity. According to critics, such a generator is incapable of producing overunity or free energy. It would be a violation of a fundamental physics law, the conservation of energy. Unlike solar and wind power, no power companies are currently employing magnet-powered generators to generate electricity.

Many of the websites that encourage magnetic power generation provide designs for building the generator yourself. Is it possible to receive free energy from a homemade magnetic power generator? Magniworks promises that its blueprints would allow anybody to build a power generator for just $100 using materials found in any hardware store. Furthermore, this simply manufactured power generator has the potential to replace 50% or more of your energy use. Hundreds of these generators have been built from their blueprints, according to the website, and they have several pleased clients. I attempted to identify the persons claiming to have manufactured and installed these generators in the United States using directory assistance and a web-based search tool. Unfortunately, none of the references given on the Magniworks website were found.

I opted to get the magnetic generator designs from the Magniworks site because I couldn’t find any genuine working installations. I was getting closer to the truth regarding magnetic power generators with these proposals. The plans include a comprehensive component list, as well as drawings and instructions. However, after building the generator, you’ll have a scientific project rather than an alternative energy option. The generator is small (about 4 inches square) and only provides 24.5 watts of electricity, according to the listed specs. Consider that for a moment. 24.5 watts is less than half of what a single 60 watt light bulb requires. You’d have to build 20-25 of these generators and then connect them together to replace 50% or more of your present power use.

So, what exactly is the startling reality regarding magnetic power generators?

  1. Overunity claims based on magnetic power production have not been independently validated. Magnet-based free energy is currently an idea, not a verified notion.
  2. Even if it works, the popular Magniworks DIY generator is insufficient to create a significant amount of electricity.

Finally, don’t waste your time or money pursuing the free energy that magnetic power proponents offer. Stick to alternative energy sources that have been proved to work. While installing solar and wind turbines costs more than $100, they do create real useable electricity. Solar panels and wind turbines are two components that may be built at home.